TextNow Login : How to Sign up Textnow account

Text Now is the most popular way to send free calls and SMS. Through this you can make phone calls and send SMS to anyone very easily and for free. With a Textnow account you can make unlimited SMS and calls completely free. You can use Textnow from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Why do users like Textnow ?

Because it helps you get a phone number for free. Through which you can send voice mail and text and send SMS for free. you also use text now in your PC to send SMS and make voice call. As well as you will get unlimited number of wallpaper color themes and ringtone for messaging.

Text now sign up | Create Text now Account for free Call and SMS

  • At first visit Text Now  website www.textnow.com
  • Then click on “sign up Button”
  • Sign up page will appear with alternative text now sign up with Facebook or Google account.
  • Then sign up form with appropriate document.
  • At first inter your first name & last name.
  • Then choose a username and password.
  • After that write your email address.
  • Then write the capital code and click sign up button.

Features of Text Now Account

  • The first benefit of subscribing to text now is that the app lets you make international free calls to the United States and Canada.
  • The app allow user to send free text message to any other mobile number.
  • Text now is a free SMS and call service.
  • Download text now APK and offer dedicated phone number for message delivery and voicemail.
  • Text Now customize and personalize the suite as desired and as well as to create your own personal message.
  • Text Now is available on web, Android and iOS. You can make free calls with data or Wi-Fi network .


How can I log into my TextNow account?

After creating an account in the Text Now app, you can login from anywhere using your user ID and password, but you must enter the correct user ID and password.

Which VPN can I use to login TextNow?

Best VPN to use Textnow app is Nord VPN. This VPN service provider will not create any kind of obstacle for you to access your account from anywhere without any kind of harassment. Therefore we prefer you to use Textnow with Nord VPN.

Is text now a VoIP number?

Yes, Text Now is a VoIP service that lets user text SMS and make call any phone number in Canada and the United States.

Which country supports TextNow?

Textnow is currently only available in the US and Canada. If you are from outside North America then you can’t register here and can’t use the app.

Can I use TextNow without VPN?

You can use Textnow without VPN, but it must be supported by your country. Because Textnow is currently only available in the US and Canada.

Does TextNow work in Asia?

You can send and receive SMS and make calls through Textnow only to Canadian and American numbers. But it doesn’t work in Asia or anywhere else, only works in America and Canada.

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