SSC Board Challenge Application System & Result 2023

SSC Board Challenge Application 2023 has started. Candidates who want to challenge the SSC Result 2023 Board application has already started. According to the notification published by the Ministry of Education, SSC Result Challenge can be applied from 29 July 2023 to 4 August 2023.

Candidates who still don’t know SSC Result Board Challenge Application Process. They can know all the information related to how to apply SSC Result 2023 board challenge from here. If you do not know the correct rules, many times you have to suffer various types of harassment to apply for the board challenge.

Candidates who are not satisfied with the results of SSC Result 2023 published by SSC Result. An opportunity has been provided by the Ministry of Education to re-verify their results. For SSC Result 2023 rechecking, students have to apply by depositing the specified amount of fee.

Keep reading our today’s article carefully to know all system of SSC Board Challenge Application. By reading the article from the beginning to the end you will know all the rules of board challenge application correctly and if you are not satisfied with the result then you can apply result challenge.

SSC Board Challenge Result 2023 PDF Download Dhaka & All Education Board

ssc result board challenge 2023

SSC Result Released on July 28, 2023. The pass rate of students in published results is much lower than previous years. So many students could not get very good results. Again many students failed. Candidates who are not satisfied with their published results or have failed have started a petition to challenge their results.

A notification published by the Ministry of Education on 29 July 2023 states that students can apply for the SSC Result Challenge from 29 July 2023 to 4 August 2023. Students can complete SSC Result 2023 Board Challenge Application at their home through Mobile SMS. But must use Teletalk prepaid SIM. Students can complete their own Board Challenge application themselves.

However, students have to pay a fee of 125 rupees to apply for board challenge. So all the SSC candidates who were not satisfied with their published results. They have to complete the Board SSC Result Challenge application within this specified period. Otherwise, students cannot apply their SSC Result 2023 Challenge after this time.

So I would like to tell the students that those who want to apply for SSC Result Challenge should complete their Board Challenge application within the specified time.

ssc board challenge application 2023

Students can use their mobile phone SMS to apply for SSC Khata Challenge. However, for a subject ledger challenge application, students have to pay a fee of Tk 125 and SMS charges are applicable. Students can apply separately for each subject in which they want to challenge the account. 125 to be paid for each subject application. Each student can apply for multiple subject ledger challenges.

The SSC result released on 28th showed that the pass rate of students this year is comparatively less than the previous year and the number of GPs is also less. In addition to general education board, technical and madrasa education board students pass rate is also low. However, the SSC Result 2023 board challenge application will be accepted from the Ministry of Education for all education board students.

So students can complete SSC result re-verification application through Teletalk Profit at home using their mobile phones. The SMS format to apply for re-verification of SSC result by filling SMS on mobile phone

Example: RSC <space> DHA <space> 12345678 <space> subject code( 109) and send it to 16222

After sending the first SMS in this format, an SMS will be sent to the students in which a PIN will be sent. Students have to send another SMS later with PIN.

Example: RSC <space> YES <space> PIN<space> Contact Number <space> send it 16222

You can easily apply your Result 2030 board challenge by using these two SMS formats shown above.

ssc board challenge result 2023

SSC Result 2023 Board Challenge Application will continue till 4 August 2023. SSC Result 2023 Board Challenge Results will be published after the application process is completed after the students’ applications are scrutinized. So the date of announcement of SSC Result Board Challenge result from Ministry of Education is not yet known.

But expect your results to be declared within seven to 15 days after completion. I would like to tell about the result of the candidates who have applied for the SSC Result Board Challenge as the exact date of publication of your result is not known. However, the date of publication of the result will be informed later by the Ministry of Education and the result will be published on the specified day.

After the release of the result you can collect your desired result from our website. You can also collect the SSC Board Challenge Result 2023 from the official website of the Ministry of Education. Hope you can collect the SSC Result 2023 board challenge result from our website as soon as it is released. Besides, if you want to collect the official link, you can also collect it.

Final Word

Finally I would like to say to all the students who applied for SSC Result 2023 rechecking, we hope you have learned all the rules for SSC Result 2023 rechecking from here. Hope you have been able to complete your SSC Result 2023 challenge application very easily by adopting the process shown here.

Later when your SSC Result Board Challenge result will be declared then you can check your results from our website if you want. If you like our today’s article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. First of all you can visit our website to get SSC Board Challenge Result 2023. Thank you very much everyone.

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