SSC Math Question Solution 2022 PDF MCQ & Written All Education Board

SSC Math Question Solution 2022 has been released. SSC 2022 Math MCQ exam 100% accurate question solutions have been given. All education board MCQ exam question solutions of SSC Math exam 2022 have been published.

Dear SSC candidates brothers and sisters, I am starting today’s article with the hope of good health and beautiful future for all of you. Are you an SSC Candidate 2022? Have you appeared in the SSC Math Exam held today? If you have solved the multiple choice test question of Math part of SSC exam 2022 held today then you have come to the right place.

Because in our today’s article we have appeared before you with the solution of this year’s SSC and Equivalent Examination 2022 Mathematics Multiple Choice Exam held under the Bangladesh Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

So those of you who are solving 100% accurate and correct questions of the multiple choice section of SSC 2022 Math exam held today, keep reading our article carefully. So hope you get correct question solution for your SSC 2022 Mathematics Multiple Choice Exam.

SSC 2022 Math Question Solution

In this year’s SSC examination, about 2 million students are participating in the SSC examination 2022 held under nine General Education Boards and Madrasas and Technical Education Boards from all over Bangladesh.

You all are aware that due to some unknown reason three more exams including Math only of Dinajpur Education Board have been postponed. Besides, all the education board exams of the country will be held. In continuation of that, SSC 2022 Mathematics exam was held today under all other education boards except Dinajpur Education Board.


You all are aware that this year’s SSC exam is being conducted on short syllabus. In that sequence Math exam and short syllabus are held. Like other exams the duration of Math exam was 2 hours. Here students are given a 20 minute multiple choice test and an hour 40 minute written test. Conducted written and multiple choice test of 55 marks.

SSC Math MCQ Solution 2022

All the students who are participating in the 2022 SSC exam are aware that the short syllabus of the SSC exam is being held by the Ministry of Education and based on the recommendation of the Board of Education due to the absence of classes due to the effects of Corona in the last two years.

In the multiple choice section of this year’s SSC Math exam, students have to answer 15 questions out of 30 questions where 15 marks are allotted for 15 questions. Where 20 minutes time is mentioned for 15 multiple choice questions and remaining one hour and 40 minutes are allotted for written questions.

Where four creative questions out of 6 marks must be provided. I would like to say to all the candidates who have participated in the SSC Math exam 2022 this year, regardless of the education board under which you are participating in this exam, you can collect your desired board exam question solutions from here.

SSC Math MCQ & Written Question Solution 2022

Those of you who are looking for MCQ and written numerical solution of SSC Math exam held today 22nd September 2022 can collect from us here. You all know that today eight of the 9 General Education Boards of the country held simultaneous Math examination from 11 AM to 1 PM. Question solving is very important in the exams held. Because one of the worries that arise in the minds of students after completing the exam is to correctly match the multiple choice exam questions. Why is it possible to get good results if you can’t answer the right questions. You all are already aware that this year SSC 2022 math exam requires 15 answers out of 30 MCQ . Where 15 marks are allotted for fifteen questions. So you will get correct and accurate solution of multiple choice part of your exam from us here.

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Also you can collect your written part question answer solutions from here. Because you have to do well not only in multiple choice but also in written part. Because written arithmetic is now conducted in a creative manner. So you have to collect marks by answering well in every part of creative so you can collect today’s question paper along with written and MCQ question solution from us here.

SSC Math Question Solution 2022 Download

Dear aspirants, brothers and sisters, those who are looking for SSC exam 2022 general math question solutions, you can collect your math multiple choice and written part question solutions from here and you can also download and collect your question solutions from here if needed. If you want to download your question solution from here then you can download it very easily.

We will answer your questions here shortly for your convenience. You can find answers to your questions here. So, without delay, solve your questions and get rid of all your worries.


Finally, brothers and sisters who are candidates for the exam, I will tell you that you can rest assured by comparing the question solutions from here. Because we want to help you with correct and accurate question solutions. Our website is an educational website. Here you will get all information related to education so hope you benefit from us here. Please don’t forget to share our website information with your friends. Thank you very much everyone.

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