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Smart National ID (NID) Card, a cornerstone of Bangladesh’s identification system, plays a pivotal role in establishing the identity of its citizens. In recent years, the government has taken significant strides towards modernizing and improving the functionality of these cards, including the introduction of the Smart NID Card.

One of the key features of the Smart NID Card is its flexibility in accommodating corrections to personal information, including name corrections. This enhancement is a crucial step in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data associated with each citizen.

Correcting a name on a Smart NID Card involves a straightforward process. Citizens can initiate this procedure by visiting the nearest designated NID registration center. There, they must fill out a specific form for name correction, providing documentary evidence to support the requested change. This may include legal documents such as birth certificates or court orders.

Once the form and supporting documents are submitted, the authorities review the application. The aim is to validate the authenticity of the documents provided and confirm that the requested change is legitimate. This process helps to safeguard the integrity of the identification system while also preventing any fraudulent attempts at altering information.

So all the citizens who want to collect all the information about their smart NID card correction keep reading our today’s article carefully. You can know step by step all ways to correct Smart NID card name from our today’s article. As a result, you can complete the smart NID card correction application yourself without any kind of harassment.

Smart NID Card Name Correction

 Smart National ID (NID) Card, an integral component of Bangladesh’s identification system, has undergone significant modernization, incorporating advanced features and improved functionality. Among its notable capabilities is the provision for name correction, reflecting the government’s commitment to maintaining accurate citizen records.

To initiate a name correction on a Smart NID Card, citizens should visit their nearest NID registration center. Here, they can obtain the requisite form for name correction. It is imperative to furnish accurate details, including the current NID number and the correct name that should be reflected on the card.

Supporting documentation is crucial in this process. Citizens are required to present legal documents, such as birth certificates or court orders, substantiating the requested name change. This rigorous verification process is in place to ensure the legitimacy of the alteration, safeguarding the integrity of the identification system.

Following submission, the provided documents undergo careful scrutiny by the authorities. This meticulous review helps confirm the authenticity of the documents and ensures that the requested name change adheres to legal protocols. Once verified, the updated information is incorporated into the Smart NID Card database, and a new card is issued to the applicant, accurately reflecting their legal name.

How can I change my name on my NID card?

There are many citizens who do not know how to correct their smart NID card. In that case name correction is a very complicated process nowadays. Because after the smart NID card generation of a citizen is completed, the process of correcting any wrong name from there is very complicated.

But for your convenience we have tried to present here all the information and ways about how to correct smart card name online. Hope you can correct your smart NID card name by following the process shown here.

NID Card Name Correction Application Procedure:

  • Login to the website for name correction.
  • Register for NID account with National Identity Card Number, Date of Birth and Address
  • Then login to profile with user id and password and click edit name from option
  • Then click above the name to edit the name
  • Then enter the current name and revised name in the given cell
  • The next step is to submit the prescribed fee for correction online.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Confirm the information and complete the application.

Documents required for correction of National Identity Card:

  •  Educational Qualification Certificate (JSC, SSC, HSC).
  • Online copy of passport, driving license, birth registration certificate.
  • Copy of marriage certificate if married.
  • Child’s Board Examination Certificate or NID Card. However, there must be pure names of parents.
  • Copy of MPO or service book.
  • Affidavit by a government approved notary public.
  • Report of Executive Officer of Upazilla Election Office.

Upon successful verification, the updated information is incorporated into the Smart NID Card database, ensuring that the citizen’s identification details accurately reflect their legal name. The corrected Smart NID Card is then issued to the applicant.

Finally, I would like to say to all Bangladeshi citizens, I hope you have learned all the information related to correcting the name of your smart NID card by following the methods shown here. Apart from name correction you can visit our website to know how to correct date of birth or address in NID card. Thank you very much everyone.

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