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Birth certificate is an essential document that holds significant importance in our daily lives in Bangladesh. It serves as a legal record of an individual’s birth, providing critical information such as the date, time, and place of birth, as well as details about the parents.

A birth certificate is a primary document used to establish a person’s legal identity and citizenship. It is often required for various legal and administrative purposes, such as obtaining a national identity card (NID) or a passport. Without a birth certificate, individuals may face difficulties in proving their citizenship and accessing government services.

Online copy of this important document is now being used in all cases. So you must check that all the details in the online copy of your important birth registration are correct. Otherwise, if any information is wrong later, then you will have to suffer in various ways. I would like to tell all Bangladeshi citizens to check if your online birth registration information is correct.

So read our today’s article carefully from the beginning to the end to know how to check birth registration information online and all related information. Only then you will know all the process of how to verify the online copy of birth registration and how to collect it online.

Online Birth Certificate Check

The process of checking a birth certificate online in Bangladesh is a straightforward and convenient method that ensures easy access to vital records. But there are many citizens who can’t check their birth certificate online for a long time just because they don’t know the correct process and don’t know if the information is correct.

To initiate an online birth certificate check, individuals can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official Website: First of all visit the official website to check birth certificate online
  • Navigate to the Birth Certificate Section: Once on the website, locate the section specifically dedicated to birth certificates. This might be labeled as “Birth Registration” or a similar term.
  • Provide Required Information: Users will typically need to input essential details such as 17 digit birth certificate number , date of birth, and the sum of two numbers. It’s important to ensure accuracy in entering this information.
  • Verification Process: After entering the necessary details, the system will undergo a verification process to cross-check the provided information with the records in the database.

  • Retrieve the Certificate: Once the verification is successful, users can access and view the birth certificate online.
  • Keep a Record: It is advisable to save or print a copy of the online birth certificate for personal records or future reference.

This online process not only streamlines the birth certificate verification but also reduces the need for physical visits to government offices, offering a more efficient and accessible way for individuals to obtain essential documents in Bangladesh.

So by following the above mentioned processes step by step and providing correct information you will be able to check your birth certificate online very easily.

how to make 16 digit birth registration number into 17 digit

If your birth certificate number number is 16 digit then you must update the 16 digit birth certificate number into 17 digit. That’s why you need to add an extra zero before the last 5 digits of your birth registration number. In this way you can convert your 16 digit birth registration number to 17 digits.

Apart from adopting this method, if you want to change your 16-digit birth registration number to 17 digits, then you have to contact the birth registration office of your own union parishad or municipality. After contacting there you will be able to convert your 16 digit birth registration number to 17 digit by paying the prescribed fee. But in that case it may take one week to three weeks and you have to pay the prescribed fee of 50 to 100 tk.

online birth certificate download bd

In Bangladesh, obtaining a birth certificate through online download is a straightforward process. Citizens can visit the official website dedicated to birth registration, typically managed by the relevant government authority. After navigating to the birth certificate section, users enter the required information, including the individual’s full name, date, and place of birth.

Once the provided details are verified, the system allows users to download the birth certificate directly from the website. This convenient online service minimizes the need for physical visits to government offices, providing a quick and efficient way for individuals to access and secure their birth certificates. It is essential to keep a downloaded copy for personal records or official documentation purposes.

Finally I would like to say to all Bangladeshi citizens, I hope you have learned how to check online copy of birth registration and how to convert 16 digit birth registration number to 17 digits and download online copy of birth registration through our today’s article. You can visit our website to collect any information related to birth registration. Thank you very much everyone.

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