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Are you an aspirant appearing for the NSI Field Staff Exam held today? Are you looking for NSI Field Staff Exam Question Solution 2023? If you are looking for Field Staff Exam Question Solution 2023 then you have come to the right place. You can collect today’s NSI Field Staff MCQ Exam Question Solution 2023 from here.

Also you can download NSI Field Staff 100% Correct Question Solution 2023 PDF from here. So without delay those candidates who are looking for 100% correct and accurate question solutions of NSI MCQ exam held today, keep reading the article carefully. Then from below you can collect your desired Field Staff Exam Question Solution and download it if necessary.

NSI Question Solution 2023 field staff

National Security Intelligence (NSI) field staff mcq question solution 2023 available now. NSI Field Staff MCQ exam was held today from 10 am to 11 am in about 50 centers of Dhaka city. More than 2 lakh candidates from all over the country participated in today’s NSI field staff exam. A large number of candidates appeared for the mcq exam against 170 posts of staff in NSI field.

Out of the large number of students, 170 candidates will be finally selected for the NSI MCQ exam held today. As NSI Field List of Examination is conducted in three phases. First phase of which mcq exam was held today. Candidates who clear the mcq exam will then participate in the written test and finally the students who clear the results published in the written test will participate in the oral test and will be finally recruited.

So by collecting today important mcq exam question solutions all students can know how they can score in their exam. As candidates who clear the mcq exam will be selected for the written exam. So out of this large number of students it is expected that five to six thousand students will pass the written exam.

nsi field staff mcq question solution 2023

The NSI MCQ exam held today had eighty questions. whose number is 100. Where students will get 1.25 marks for each correct answer and .50 marks will be deducted for answering wrong questions. So in order to pass today’s exam, students cannot be given wrong answers to a large number of questions. Because of negative marks many students can’t clear the exam even after giving good exam.

So always think about the negative market and answer the question. It is never okay to answer a large number of wrong questions without being 100% sure. Because nowadays job exam is very competitive. Where 30 to 50 students compete against a post.

For example 38 students appeared for one post in NSI Field Staff MCQ exam held today. In order to finally clear the exam from this huge number of students, you must pass by answering the questions accurately. So no more number of wrong questions can be answered.

nsi field staff (fs) question answer 2023

To all the students appearing for the NSI Field Staff Exam I would like to say to you who appeared for the Field Staff Exam today, you all now have a moral responsibility to collect the question solutions and check them with your respective question papers. Because after collecting the question answers, a candidate can verify with his question paper how many questions he has answered correctly and how many questions he has answered incorrectly.

Because there is negative marks for answering wrong questions. Therefore, students must calculate the negative marks. Because NSI field staff analysis of last year exam shows that a candidate needs to get 70 to 80 marks to clear mcq exam. However, this number may be slightly lower as the questions of the exam held today are relatively difficult.

But those students who score between 70 to 80 marks, can be pretty sure that they will clear the published exam results and will be selected for the written exam. So now all students should collect question solutions and check with their respective question paper

Last Word

Finally I would like to say to all the candidates who appeared in the NSI In Field Staff Exam today, I hope you have been able to collect and benefit from our today Field Staff Exam Question Solution 2023. We always try to provide 100% accurate and correct question solutions by teachers considering the students.

Continuation of which we present today NSI Field Staff Exam Question Solution 2023 for students. The students who want can download our field staff exam question solutions from here in the form of images. If you like our article today, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Later you can visit our website to get Field Staff Exam Result. As soon as the field staff exam result is published we will publish it on our website you can check your exam result from here. Thank you very much everyone.

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