HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2023 Download Final Short Suggestion

Those looking for HSC Exam English Second Paper Suggestion 2023 will tell you that you have come to the right place. Today in our article we will discuss about HSC Exam 2023 English Second Paper Suggestion Topic. You all know that one of the most important and difficult exam in HSC exam is English exam. Because most of the candidates have bad results in English test.

So those who want to get good results in English exam must follow some good suggestions. Keeping in mind the good results for you, we are here today with HSC 2nd paper English exam suggestions for our dear exam-seeking brothers and sisters. Hope you will be able to get good results in the exam if you collect and follow our suggestions.

English is a very complex and difficult exam but with a little intelligence and following suggestions it is possible to get good results in this tough exam.To get good results in English second paper exam you must follow some good suggestions. Because by following good suggestions, you can get good results, so I hope you will collect your necessary English second paper suggestions from us here.

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HSC suggestion 2023 English 2nd paper

Candidates who are going to participate in the HSC exam 2023 are already aware that your HSC exam 2023 routine has been released. Your HSC exam will start from 17th of August. Your English first exam will be held first. The next day will be your English second paper test. So you don’t have a lot of time. At the end you need to prepare thoroughly.

For last time preparation you can follow different types of model test different types of suggestion papers etc. Keeping your last time preparation in mind we have prepared a short suggestion of English second paper for you today. Because at the end the students were a little upset. They are worried about which ones will appear in the exam and which ones will not appear.

Because the HSC exam is very important in their life because the next stage of the HSC exam is the university. HSC exam marks are very important in university admission.So I hope that if you follow all the suggestions that we have given here, you will be able to achieve good results in the second part of English paper. Besides the Grammar section of English Paper II, the Writing section is very important.

Here we have prepared different suggestions for your writing part of letter, paragraph, composition. You should follow them and collect them and keep studying well. Then hopefully you will find the question common in the upcoming exam from our suggestions.

hsc english paragraph suggestion 2023

For those of you who are looking for important paragraph suggestions for HSC English exam 2023, we have come up with English suggestions to ease your difficulties and make you worry free. Important Paragraphs for HSC Exam 2023

  • Digital Bangladesh
  • Padma Bridge
  • Dowry System
  • Child Marriage
  • Load -shedding
  • Traffic jam
  • Price hike
  • Computer
  • Women Empowerment
  • Climate Change
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Environmental pollution
  • Dengue epidemic
  • Green house effect
  • School Magazine
  • Road Accident
  • Village Fair
  • Eve-Teasing
  • Drug Addiction

HSC English Important Completing Story Suggestion 2023

HSC candidates who are looking for important suggestions for your English 2nd paper exam, you can collect your English 2nd paper exam completing story important suggestions from here. We have prepared story completion suggestions for you by experienced teachers. I hope you will take the required completing story from here.

  • A fox was very hungry and moving here and there……
  • one day some boys are playing Cricket in the field……
  • Long long ago, there lived a very cunning fox in a forest….
  • once a boy found his mother several sick…..
  • On a sunny day it young lamb was dressing ….
  • Long long ago, a young man found life in the family…..
  • Once there lived a wolf in a forest…..
  • Once a farmer had a golden goose….
  • Once there lived a happy cobbler…..
  • One day a fox saw a crane…..

HSC English Important Composition 2023

Composition writing is an important part of HSC exam. Because the number of this section is very high. So I would say to those who are students, you must score well in the composition writing section. If you can’t do good composition writing then you won’t do well overall. Considering your good results, today we have brought you some important composition writing suggestions. Hope you will accept our proposed composition.

  • Women Empowerment
  • Drug Addiction
  • My Childhood Memories
  • Environmental Pollution in Dhaka City
  • My Favorite Book
  • Climate Change and its Impact on Bangladesh
  • Population Problem
  • Digital Bangladesh
  • Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh
  • Modern Technology and Globalization
  • Use and Abuse of Internet
  • Female Education
  • Impact of Deforestation
  • The Season You Like Most
  • Wonders of Modern Science
  • Facebook/ Internet
  • Corruption
  • Your Visit to a Historical Place
  • Natural Climate of Bangladesh
  • Digital Bangladesh
  • Padma Bridge


  • An Application to the Principal for Transfer Certificate
  • An Application to the Principal for setting up the multimedia system in class room .
  • An Application to the Principal for setting of a debating club
  • An Application to the Principal for Increasing facilities in the Common room.
  • An Application to the Principal for a testimonial
  • An Application to the Principal seeking permission to go on a study tour.
  • An Application to the Chairman for repairing the damaged road
  • An Application to the Chairman to provide street lights
  • An Application to the UNO to open a relief camp
  • An Application to the UNO for a bridge

Report Writing

  • A report on the cultural function
  • A report on prize giving ceremony
  • A report on raises of price of essential commodities
  • A report on a book fair
  • A report on a village fair
  • A report on the celebration of pahela baishakh
  • A report on the celebration of victory day
  • A report on the celebration of international mother language day
  • A report on air pollution in Dhaka city
  • A report on Eve-teasing
  • A report on the consequence of drug addiction
  • A report on traffic jam
  • A report on load shedding


Finally want to say that Firstresultsbd.com is an educational site. You can collect various types of exam information from our site. And all the best wishes to all those who are going to participate in this year’s HSC examination. Hope you will be able to participate in the upcoming exams as well as achieve good results in the exams by following our suggestions collected here. A student and his family always want their child to do well in exams.

So we conclude our today’s article with the hope that by appearing in your exams on time, you will get good results in the exams and increase your family and self respect. And if you like our article then definitely don’t forget to share it with your friends. And later you can bookmark our website to get exam results and other information first. As a result, you will easily get any exam information first. Thank you very much everyone.

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