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At present, a very important document for all Bangladeshi citizens is the birth registration certificate. Because the use of birth certificate is noticeable in all public and private activities starting from admission to educational institutions. Now the current government has made the use of birth registration certificate or NID card mandatory for all government and private jobs.

Birth registration certificate is mandatory especially for those citizens who are below 18 years of age or have not yet got NID card. But those who have not yet received this important certificate can check or collect their birth registration certificate online. In that case you have to use the official website of birth registration certificate

Citizens who still don’t know how to collect their birth registration certificate online, keep reading our today’s article carefully. Then you will know all the ways related to how to collect birth certificate online and you can check your online birth certificate at home. So keep reading from the beginning to the end to know all the information related to how to collect birth certificate online.

Birth certificate online copy check

Currently, the use of birth certificate in all jobs is noticeable. But there are many citizens who don’t know how to check their birth certificate online. Citizens can verify all their information at home due to the current government making all their activities online based or digital.

To check birth certificate online, you must first login to Bangladesh Birth and Death Registration Directorate. Official website to check certificate online is After entering the official website an interface will appear in front of you.

Where you need to enter 17 digit birth registration number and date of birth to verify birth registration information. Then enter the sum of the numbers shown below in the box and click on the search button. After clicking on the search button on the next page you can see all your birth registration information and download the page if necessary.

How to download  online birth certificate bd

There are many citizens who have a question in their mind that how to collect birth registration certificate online. As a result of not knowing the correct procedure, they cannot collect coffee for the development of their birth registration. We will tell all those citizens how to collect birth registration online through today’s article.

Follow the processes step by step :

  • First of all visit the official site
  • Then the 17-digit birth registration number should be entered in the specified cell
  • Then enter your date of birth in correct (year-month-day) format
  • Then the sum of the two numbers shown in the picture below should be written in the given cell. While writing the sum, the correct answer must be written
  • Then click on submit button

Finally, hopefully by following the above mentioned processes correctly, you can easily check and collect the date of birth registration online from the comfort of your home using your mobile phone. You can visit our website to collect any information related to birth registration and NID card. Thank you very much everyone.

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